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My mom is a lifesaver! Last year she helped me put together a schedule to help organize our school day, and it worked so well that I asked her if she could help me again this year!  Working together with the spreadsheet of all of the kids’ classes side-by-side helps me to visualize who is doing what, in what order, and what I will be doing during the various parts of my day.

This year was a little easier than it has been some years because there is only one of our learning stations that is being shared, which is the one that Kara and Luke will be using.  So, I had to correlate their schedules to share the DVD system, but I also had to arrange Cosette’s and Luke’s schedules together because they are sharing a seatwork table!  AND–I have to organize all of the schedules so that I can help each of the five kids with their music lessons, and not have that conflict at times when I need to be listening to oral reading, helping with penmanship, etc.  It gets to be quite a puzzle, but God always gives the wisdom to get it all worked out–and working with Mom on the spreadsheet helps me think through all of it before we actually have our first day.  That has proven to make our early days of school go much more smoothly!

We are planning to start a week from Wednesday, which will be August 6th.  I think the kids are getting excited to get back into the routines, and I am looking forward to it as well.

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A few weeks ago I received an email from Voice of the Martyrs that told about a project that they were doing in conjunction with a group called China Aid Associates.  They had made olympic prayer bands that they are giving away to those who request them for reminders to pray for China and for the Christians that are there.  These groups are also giving these bracelets to house church Christians in China as a reminder to them to pray for us.  Because I love China so much, I gladly accepted this free offer and ordered several extras.  They are too big for Kara right now, but someday I know she will appreciate having one.  The link for these wonderful bracelets is http://etools.780net.com/a/vomso/bg_vomso_Blogs-china-prayer-band_325.html .  Please join me in praying for Kara’s home country.  When you see the events of the Olympics, remember to pray for the freedom and salvation of the Chinese people.

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Painting the Stairwell

Well, after literally months of planning, strategizing, and research, we finally did it today:  we finished painting the stairwell!   We are all relieved that it went smoothly and safely.

We ended up using our new Cosco World’s Greatest Ladder differently than we had anticipated.  It was not tall enough in its stairstep configuration to allow us to reach the top parts of the wall, so we ended up spliting it into its two main parts.  We used one section as an extension ladder and the other section as a small step ladder.  These served as a base for our make-shift scaffolding.  We used 2 2×12 planks C-clamped together for the walkway, and it worked like a dream!  It took a while to set up, but the stability it provided was well worth the effort.

So, now my summer painting has officially come to an end.  Eventually I will need to do our two bathrooms, our master bedroom, and our music room, but that can wait until a future date.  For now, we are enjoying the fresh feeling in the rest of our house.

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Laundry Helper

Kara loves to help fold the laundry.  I don’t have to ask her–in fact, she asks me if she can help!  Her specialties are folding the washcloths and matching the socks.  She is never too busy to help, and I appreciate it.  Thank you, Kara!  You are such a sweetie!

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Earlier this year, Dan worked with John and Brock on completing the requirements to receive the Boy Scout religious emblem.  Brock did the God and Me study, and John did the God and Family study.  Today they were awarded their medallions during our morning worship service, and we are proud of their accomplishments!

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I am happy to report that my summer painting is finished!  …Well, almost, anyway!  I still need to do the stairwell, but the ladder that we ordered has not come yet, so that will delay that project for a few more days.  Really, the stairwell should not take very long once we get everything set up. 

Regardless, yesterday I finished painting the living room.  That is my 8th and final room for this summer!  Yea!!!!  It is definitely time to be finished with this and get on with other things.  I have found myself wanting to take shortcuts here and there, so it is a good thing that I have finally reached the end of what I had planned on doing.  The house does look fresh, which is nice.  Our carpets are a DISASTER, and we will be cleaning those before we start school.  That will be a nice finishing touch.

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Computer Room Finished!

I finished painting the computer/toy room this afternoon.  As predicted, the worse part of this room was sorting through the toys.  I really need to have a garage sale, but that will have to wait until next summer, I guess.

This has probably been the room that has had the most dramatic change in color.  It was a dark blue, and I never really did like it much.  I painted it a yellowish-tan, and it brightened it up so much!  The room seems twice as big as it did before!  I ended up having to put on 3 coats of paint just to cover the dark walls, so it was more of a job than I had anticipated.  I also cleaned and polished the wood floor while the furniture was out of the room, so it’s nice to have a clean, fresh room!

Next I will be doing the living room.  I need to put Kilz on around the door before I put on the paint.  We’ve had problems with the wall “bubbling” when I have painted in there before, so I am hoping that the Kilz will prevent that this time.  Fortunately, the bubbles have disappeared over time, so even if they make an appearance again, I hope it will be brief!  Other than that, the room is pretty straight forward and shouldn’t take me too long.  We will have to move our china cupboard which means that I will need to get out all of the dishes and wash them off.  That’s one of those jobs that only gets done when I am painting.  (Now there’s an honest statement!)  🙂

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