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Kara’s T-Ball Practice

Kara has been very excited for her T-Ball season to begin.  Her first game isn’t until a week from tomorrow night, but her coach wanted to have a practice this evening, and she was absolutely delighted!

Kara’s coaches seem to be very nice.  I was impressed with how they worked with the kids tonight.  Many times, T-Ball seems to be kind of a “free for all” in which the kids don’t learn very much, but I think these guys will actually teach their team some things this summer, and that’s great.

I was also very proud of what a big girl Kara is becoming.  She listened to her coaches and tried her very best–what a great kid!

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Yesterday the three middle kids went to a Day Camp sponsored by our local extension service and 4-H.  John was too old to attend, and Kara was too little.  Whenever things like that happen, I try to have fun things for those who stay home.

John had wanted to download a computer game, so I helped him with that.  Then Kara and I put together a puzzle.  We all worked together to make some homemade ice cream–that is always a real treat, and I knew it would be a hit after a long, hot day at Day Camp for the others!

The Day Camp went very well, and all of the kids enjoyed it.  Brock had been kind of hesitant about going thinking that he was a little “big” for such an activity, but he told me afterwards that he was very glad that he had gone and that he had had a lot of fun.  There were games, crafts, food, and water fun–I will post a video at the end of this entry of the kids telling about their camp experiences.

Last night was also Brock’s first practice for his summer baseball team.  He has moved to a new level this year, and I know he will grow a lot in it.  His coach is known to be competitive and tough.  I was a little worried, but Brock isn’t.  He told me that it is just what he expected moving into the new league.  So, he has a great attitude, and I am glad.

Here is the video of the kids telling about Day Camp:

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My Mom is Amazing!

A few weeks ago, we gave John a John MacArthur Study Bible for his birthday.  He wanted a cover for it, so we did some looking on the internet.  We had no luck finding one that was big enough to cover a Bible that is as thick as his is.

My Mom has sewn Bible covers in the past, so we asked her if she would make one for John’s new Bible.  She said she’d do her best, so we showed her some pictures of covers that John liked to give her ideas.  Well, she absolutely nailed it!  The cover she made is exactly what John wanted, and I know it wasn’t easy to make.  I could never make something like this without a pattern, but my Mom figured it out!  Thanks, Mom!  John loves it!

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Our New Additions!

Several weeks ago, John told me that he really wanted to complete the Pets merit badge for Boy Scouts, but didn’t think that his dad would go along with the idea.  I told him to do some research on what kind of pet that he wanted, and then we would all talk about it.

He did what I asked and was very logical about his decision.  He thought that guinea pigs would be his choice, so we talked to Dan about it, and he was very excited about the idea!  John was surprised, but I wasn’t.  Dan is pretty much a soft-hearted kind of guy!  😉  So then we had to do some searching as to where we could get guinea pigs–they’re pretty rare on the Prairie!  Dan did some internet searches in towns between ours and a town that he goes to regularly for his job, and he found just what we were looking for!  This week was his next scheduled trip, and on the way home, he stopped to pick up the stars of John’s merit badge project.

We are told that both of them are girls, but I know how that goes–we HOPE both of them are girls!  😉 The kids chose names for them.  The closest one in the picture is Abilene, and the other one is Snickers.  They’re both pretty shy and scared at this point, but it looks like Abilene is the calmer of the two.  Snickers is pretty hyper!  It will be fun when they get a little tamer.  I had guinea pigs when I was growing up, and they do make pretty nice pets.

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A Pretty Girl on a Windy Day

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A Fun Afternoon

We sure had a nice afternoon today.  We took the kids out to the baseball diamonds to play a little ball and to build enthusiasm for the upcoming baseball season.  The kids had such a blast hitting the ball and running around.  Of course, they enjoyed getting each other out too!  😉  Luke was so cute getting all of the balls to throw back to Dan–he just ran all over the place getting those things.

After baseball, we went to the track for a nice family walk and topped off the afternoon with ice cream at Wendy’s.  These are such great times.  I sure do love all of these precious kids!

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I haven’t been very consistent writing entries about what the girls are doing in Caravan, but they have completed a lot of merit badges.  We still have three more to go in this level, so we will continue working on them during the summer.

Our latest badge about birds was really fun.  We looked up a variety of birds on the internet, and the girls really enjoyed hearing the sound samples that are on many sites.  We made a yummy “bird nest” snack with rice crispie treats and jelly beans.  This week we made a couple of projects for the birds using pinecones.  The first was a pinecone feeder using peanut butter and bird seed.  Cosette called the other project a “bird nester.”  It is something we had read about in one of the A Beka readers.  It is basically a pine cone with pieces of yarn stuck into it.  The birds pick out the yarn, and it is fun to find nests with that yarn in them around the neighborhood.  So, we are on the lookout for some pretty, colorful nests!  🙂

Our next badge is about manners, and we are continuing with our cooking lessons.  Those cooking activities are a hit with everyone, but they sure do get hectic sometimes!

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