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OK–This is just too weird!

Here is a humorous entry!  I got my kids an Uno Spin game for Christmas, and they have been having a lot of fun playing it during our break from school.  They like taking it downstairs to play on the floor, and they have discovered that our guinea pig Snickers LOVES Uno!  Why??? I have no idea!  Whenever they get out the game, she jumps up on the side of the cage and gets all excited.  Brock wanted to see what she would do if he held a card up for her, and you can see the result in the photo for this entry!  Strange guinea pig!!

Thanks for all of the kind concern that has been expressed about my hand.  I am happy to report that I had a big turn around today after getting my rings taken off yesterday.  This morning the fingers still looked and felt about the same, but around noon all of a sudden I had a warm sensation in my hand, and when I looked down, I saw that some of the puffiness was gone!  Over the course of about 30 minutes the excessive swelling and tightness that was a result of the rings loosened up, and I have felt SO MUCH BETTER since!  Yes, my hand is still sore and swollen, but not nearly as tight as it has been.  I actually have a little movement back, but the fingers are still pretty numb.  I can definitely say that there has been great improvement today, and for that I am so grateful!

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My Wedding Ring….Sigh…..

My Wedding Ring....Sigh.....

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Update on Hand

This morning I went to the clinic to have my hand checked.  They took x-rays, and the ring finger is definitely broken.  The middle finger’s x-ray showed that it is probably broken as well, but that one was unclear enough that a radiologist will have to make a determination on it.  The breaks are both in the lower part of the fingers below the knuckles and are not displaced at all.  So, the bones are in good alignment already, and they did not think that casting or splinting was needed.

They were actually most concerned about the circulation in my ring finger.  Yes, Linda, you were right!  My wedding ring was constricting the blood flow to the point that the whole finger was numb.  So, they cut off the rings and want to wait a week to allow the circulation to return and some of the swelling to go down so they can evaluate if there is any tendon damage.

That’s about all I know.  I really think that things will start to turn around now that my rings are off.  Already I can feel a warm tingling feeling returning to the fingers, so that is a good sign.  They did warn me though, that now that there is blood flow, things might get a little more painful.  But that’s OK–pain’s a good thing! 🙂

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Lovely, isn’t it?!  Yesterday  I fell on my way into church and landed right on my hand.   I knew right away that I had injured my middle two fingers–and I was scheduled to play the piano for the morning service!  Believe it or not, I made it through that with a lot of cover from the organ!  😉

Anyway, those fingers are so swollen and sore today that they’re not good for much.  In fact, I can only type this entry with one hand hunting and pecking!  I am so thankful that it is my left and not my dominant right hand.  I’d be much less functional if that had been the case.   It sure makes me appreciate how well Kara gets along with her hands–she deals with missing fingers all of the time, and most people don’t even realize it because she manages so well!   Lesson learned:  go on as best as possible!  😉

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Christmas 2009

Well, I am happy to report that we all survived Christmas!  😉  I don’t ever remember having such a busy season!  It seems like we were running continually from Thanksgiving until yesterday, but it was a very nice, happy time.  I guess I didn’t even find time to post pictures of decorating our Christmas tree!  Oh well, I’ll just put some of those pictures in the slideshow for this entry.

Really, though, we had a wonderful Christmas.  The kids were all so happy and kind, and that made all of the hassle worthwhile!  This was the first year that I tried having the kids draw gift names for each other.  That was a great success!  They really enjoyed picking out just the right presents, wrapping them, and, best of all, keeping fun secrets!  John got Brock a DS game that he had wanted for a long time; Brock got Luke a Nerf gun; Cosette got Kara a Build-A-Bear Wii game; Luke got John an Uno Spin game; and Kara got Cosette a harmonica with a lesson book.  They all expressed real gratitude to each other, and that was a joy to see!

Other than that, we just followed our usual traditions:  opening “stocking” presents on Christmas Eve followed by viewing the movie The Nativity Story, having a wonderful Christmas breakfast, opening more presents in the morning, opening even MORE presents in the afternoon, and then we had my parents and my brother’s family join us for a nice Christmas dinner.

This has been a great holiday.  Now I hope to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation (ha, ha) before we go back to school in January.  **Actually, my to do list is about 10 miles long! 😉

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