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2010 Pinewood Derby

We officially survived the Pinewood Derby last Saturday.  This was definitely our most involved year yet:  we had 7 official entries, 4 additional cars that we helped other scouts make, and Dan and John both helped with the actual race.  So, it has been a busy year!

We tried some new techniques this year to prepare our cars for the race.  We were more detailed on our sanding and paint jobs for one thing.  To improve speed, we did some “specialized” graphite application and sanding of the axles.  Believe it or not, these small steps did improve our rankings over previous years substantially.

John’s car placed 1st in the adult open class.  Brock’s car got 2nd in the second-year Webelos class.  Cosette’s car got FIRST in the youth open class.  (It was a ROCKET!!)  Luke’s car met with some stiff competition in the Wolves’ class and still pulled a ranking of 3rd.  Kara’s car was a close 2nd to Cosette’s car in the youth open class.

So, after reading my entry about Dan’s Pickle Car I am sure that some of my readers are wondering how the Pickle fared in the race.  Believe it or not, it took 2nd to John’s car in the adult open class, while my own Blue Ichthus Star took 3rd.

We had a lot of fun this year, and are already making plans for better, faster cars for next year!  😉

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Kara’s New Look

Kara has recently updated her “look” with two new features:  a missing tooth and shorter hair.

We had not planned to cut Kara’s hair.  In fact, it had just gotten long enough to braid and looked so pretty.  For some unknown reason, though, Kara decided to give herself a haircut, and there was nothing we could do to fix it without just cutting it all.  So, we are trying out short hair while some of her snips grow out.  Sigh….  Oh well, she does look cute anyway!

She has looked forward to losing her first tooth for a long, long time.  I don’t know how many times she has asked me when she would be “big enough” to reach this milestone.  She was ecstatic when she discovered that her tooth was loose and tried several times to prematurely pull it out.  I kept telling her that it just wasn’t quite ready yet.  I am happy to report that she pulled her own first tooth.  In fact she said it just kind of fell out and it didn’t hurt a bit.  So, now she has officially joined the Big Kids’ Club.

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A Unique Picture of Brock

Cosette got a camera for her birthday and has had a lot of fun taking random pictures.  Needless to say, she can get different pictures than I can because of her role as a sister.  One of the first pictures that she took was this picture of Brock.  He has such a great expression in this picture–so natural and fun.  I just love it!  Thanks, Cosette!

A Unique Picture of Brock

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