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Tie Dye

The girls have wanted to tie dye shirts for a long, long time.  I always told them that we would do it “someday,” but really, I hoped they would forget about it!  🙂  I had never done it before and imagined it to be a BIG MESS and a BIG HASSLE!

When it came time to sign up for the summer art classes, Cosette was happy to see that they had tie dye sessions.  My first thought was that the class would give them the opportunity to make the shirts without having the mess here at home, but then I saw the price for the class and realized that we could make several shirts ourselves for the price of one of the kids to take the class!  So, I compromised with Cosette.  I told her that if she was willing to not take the class to save a little money that I would get the stuff to try it at home.

Yesterday was the day that we had settled on, and I was surprised to find out that it really wasn’t hard or messy to do!  Wow–following directions makes things so easy!!  🙂  The girls were thrilled with their shirts, and I think they came out pretty cute too.

Now Cosette says that she wants to tie dye EVERYTHING……..

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Crafty Kid

My, oh my, have I been making a mess!  I have always told myself that when my youngest child finished a grade in school, I’d go through all of the kids’ boxes from those grades to give/throw away things I no longer need.  Well, the past few days I have actually been working on this, and what a job it is!!!  Boxes and boxes of books all waiting to be sorted…..

When I was going through Cosette’s kindergarten box, I came across the picture that I posted for this entry.  It was printed in our local newspaper on August 25, 2006, which was just a few days before I went to China to adopt Kara.  We had taken our kids to a Horticulture Field Day where Dan works, and they got to have all kinds of fun with crafts, games, etc.  A photographer from the newspaper was there and caught this cute picture of Cosette, and it has since become a favorite of Dan’s.  I don’t know how many times he has talked about that sweet picture of Cosette in her hat that was in the newspaper!  So, I just had to put it on my blog.  Now when Dan wants to see it, it will be easy to find!  🙂

I’ve just about made it through the kindergarten stuff.  Now I need to get the things that can be passed on organized.  I have a few people who are interested in it.  It sure would be a blessing to send it on to someone who can get good use out of it!  I deifinitely don’t need it sitting in boxes in my basement! Are there any readers out there who might be able to use the non-consumable A Beka kindergarten books?????

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Yesterday I briefly mentioned that in a few weeks I will have an exciting announcement to make regarding the Prairie Family and American Heritage Girls. The details are still in the works, so even though I’m bursting with excitement about this announcement, I will bite my tongue and not reveal too much! 🙂

That being said, I want my readers to be introduced to this wonderful organization, so I want to share a few links with you.

First, here is a link to the American Heritage Girls website: http://www.ahgonline.org

Today I also found an interview the Dr. James Dobson did with the founders of American Heritage Girls on his program, Family Talk. There were two segments dated May 17, 18 2010.  This broadcast is available to listen to online, and gives a good flavor of what American Heritage Girls is all about.  Here are the links:



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Give Me Jesus

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Recently, I helped Luke and Cosette complete the God and Me curriculum, so they can get the religious emblems for Cub Scouts and American Heritage Girls. **Yes, I said American Heritage Girls. I have good news to share in a few weeks about that!  🙂 **  This was a fun study that incorporated a lot of basic teachings of Christianity.

Anyway, one of the suggested activities in God and Me is to make and use a “family prayer rock.”  Now, I thought that sounded kind of silly, but both of the kids thought it sounded fun, so we gave it a try. First we located an appropriate specimen, and then we used our creative skills to make it cute.  Then it was time to put it to use.   The way it works is the person who has the rock chooses a family member to remember specially in prayer.  Then they are to secretly hide the rock for that person to find so they will know that they have been lifted up before the throne of God.  Then it is their turn to hide the rock, and on it goes.

At first we were going to do this for a week like the book said, but we have found it to be such a good reminder to pray, that we have kept it going now for longer than a month.  Who knows how long it will keep being passed around?!  I must admit that my heart smiles when I find that silly rock hidden for me, and that I have fun passing it on.  More importantly, though, it has focused our attention on praying for each other, and that has been great!

So, this little guy has been a simple addition to the Prairie Family house that serves a great purpose!

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Painting Art Classes

This week Luke, Kara, and Cosette have continued their art classes with Luke’s Wolf Scout leader.  Cosette took an acrylic landscape painting class, while Luke and Kara took a printing class.

Cosette’s class used calendar pictures as landscape models.  Mrs. Starbuck gave them pointers as they progressed through their paintings, and Cosette said, “It’s easy when you have a few tips.”  These tips included the following points:

1. Nothing should only be one color.

2. Use little spots to make leaves and flowers–especially in the background.

3. Use white lines in the water to make ripples.

I thought Cosette’s painting came out very nice, especially considering that she has never done anything like this before!

The class that Kara and Luke took was about different methods of printing.  The first day, they designed a picture on a foam board that they later used as a stamp.  One of the most interesting techniques they learned was how to use the base of celery plants to print beautiful rose shapes.  I know this sounds odd, but it really works and looks great!

These classes have been wonderful for the kids.  I am definitely “art-challenged,” so they are learning things that I could never teach them!

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This past weekend our church had our 2010 VBS.   We go to a small, country church, so to accomodate the size of our congregation (and pool of workers!), we do a whole 5-day VBS in two days.  This sounds crazy, but holding our sessions on a Friday evening and all day Saturday works pretty well for us.  That being said, it is EXHAUSTING!  I am just now starting to feel like a human being again!  🙂

We used Answers in Genesis’s 2010 VBS curriculum, The Egypt File, and had around 27 kids attend.  (Again, that’s pretty good for our small, rural location).  The highlight of this year was seeing my own kids take on leadership roles.  What a blessing that was!  John helped run the sound, participated in the assembly dramas, and operated the puppet in my class.  Brock also helped with the drama and led the games.  I love seeing my kids grow up and learn to reach out to others, and they both did a fabulous job–way beyond their years.

Another highlight was our church’s tradition of launching water balloons on Saturday afternoon.  My sons’ scoutmaster goes to our church, and has this huge slingshot that will shoot those silly balloons clear across our church’s property!  Some of our teenage helpers were even able to get the balloons to hit the grain elevator that is across the road!  It’s funny seeing those kids make those balloons fly, and it’s fun to get a little wet on a hot day too.

**By the way, I really owe Brock!  He waited until I was distracted, came up behind me, and popped a water balloon right down my back!  So, he’d better watch out!  🙂

I praise God for a good year at VBS.  It was a ton of work, but He was faithful.  He gave strength, guidance, wisdom, and joy.  We certainly have a great Savior!

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This week, Cosette, Luke, and Kara have been attending craft classes that are being taught by the lady who was Luke’s Wolf Scout leader.  She is a professional art teacher, so these classes are pretty neat. She has a lot of talent, and doesn’t mind crafting messes!

Cosette’s class made butterfly mobiles.  These were really neat!  She used puff paint and permanent markers to draw the butterflies on recycled pop 2-liter bottles.  They then used hangers and fishing line to assemble the mobile.  I had no idea that pop bottles could make such nice butterflies!  I guess the wings curl just right from the shape of the bottle to make the art 3-dimensional and pretty.

Luke and Kara took a space diorama class.  I knew Kara would like the class, but I wasn’t sure if Luke would like it or not.  I think he actually ended up enjoying it more than Kara!  They got to use plaster casting materials for the base and spatter painted the backdrops.  They used glitter on the planets, which was a hit with Kara!  (I told you the teacher is willing to use fun but messy materials!)  They made astronauts out of Crayola Model Magic, and the teacher helped them use tiny clear tubing to even make breathing tubes for the little people!

Space Dioramas

The kids aren’t signed up for any of these classes next week, but the following week Cosette will be doing acrylic landscape painting, and Luke and Kara will be doing something involving printing.  I know they will come home with neat projects!

We have also started our summer reading program at the library.  John is helping with the elementary age class, and I think that is so good for him.  Cosette had her cooking class today, and Luke’s baseball games are going on now too.  So, we are not lacking for things to do!

In my “free time,” I am working away on VBS.  It sure will be good to get finished with that so I can get on with other projects.  I haven’t yet begun putting away our school curriculum, and our new stuff has already arrived!  Boxes, boxes, boxes…..

These videos are of the kids explaining their neat craft projects:

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I saw these guys on Fox News last night. They are demonstrating how hay can clean up oil on water–pretty interesting considering what’s going on in the Gulf. Another thought–wheat harvest is going to be happening over the next few weeks. There will be lots of straw……

Anyway, I showed it to John. We were thinking that it might make an interesting science project for school if we can figure out how to measure how much oil is absorbed or something similar. Any ideas?

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By the way, these young ladies are between 6 and 8 years old!

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