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Yesterday at church we had a special Thanksgiving service, and all of us had a part. Dan sang in a couple of small groups; John, Brock, Cosette, and I played our violins; Luke and Kara quoted Psalm 100; and I shared my Thanksgiving video that I made in 2007. There were many spontaneous testimonies throughout the service, and it was a wonderful time! I am adding a couple of videos to this post. The first will be of Luke and Kara doing their recitation, and the second will be my Thanksgiving video.

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The girls are making great progress on their American Heritage Girls projects.  They are nearly finished with the Membership Badge requirements.  As we are working on those, they are making lapbooks about AHG, and they should have those done in our next couple of meetings.  They are turning out really neat–Hopefully I’ll be able to have the girls make a video to show them when they are finished.  This week, they were working on the flag requirements portion of their badge, and we had some very nice Boy Scouts come help us practice folding the flag!  🙂

We have actually finished the 7 C’s of History requirements.  Kara made her creation flash cards, and Cosette made the puppets for the story of Noah’s Ark. She also read the story of the Tower of Babel to learn about the origin of languages and completed a chart about modern languages and where they are spoken.

We still have a ways to go on the sewing merit badge, but the girls are having a lot of fun learning how to do some basic hand stitches and machine sewing.  I have this really neat book called I’ll Teach Myself Sewing Machine Fun that we are working through.  It has fun, simple, and short activities that are perfect for kids, and we are all learning a lot from it.

Another recent AHG highlight has been helping with Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. The girls volunteered to decorate the Christmas tree at church to encourage people to participate, and we had a great time assembling boxes too.  We wanted to help deliver the church’s boxes, but it doesn’t look like that is going to work out.  The delivery is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, but I am busy with an orchestra concert that day, so we’ll have to miss that part of it this time around.  It has been a great experience, though, and we plan on making it an annual part of our holiday season.

I know I’ve said this before, but I must say again how much we are enjoying American Heritage Girls.  I think we love it more each time we meet.  It has been an incredible blessing for our family!

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Kara’s 7th Birthday

Kara’s birthday was November 8, and she turned seven years old.  Yes, I know–she is growing up fast! She had a very special birthday, and everyone had a good time.

Of course, she got to choose her favorite dining place, China Buffet, for her birthday lunch. Grandma made yet another great birthday cake. This one was creatively decorated with hair accessories.  Kara has really been into hair styling lately, so this was a perfect cake for her! Along that same line, I got Kara a hair crimper for a birthday gift.  Kara always wants her hair curled, but because she is Asian, that doesn’t work very well.  My sister-in-law had an exchange student that lived with her for awhile from Korea that used a crimper, so she suggested I try it on Kara when we were visiting them a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how well it worked on that Asian hair–and it stayed all day too!  So, Kara was thrilled to get a crimper of her own that we can use to fancy up her hair from time-to-time.  Another gift that has been quite popular is Wii Party.  That crazy game has been used a lot since that birthday, and the thing I like about it is that the kids all play together on it.  It has held their interest much longer than other games we have bought, so it was a good choice.  And continuing with our current fad, Kara got her own Nerf gun for her birthday that she had been asking for.  I don’t know what it is about those silly guns that the kids like so much, but they sure do play with them a lot!

So, my “baby” is growing up–and she is growing more beautiful and precious with each passing year.  We are truly blessed to be her family.

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A Neat Song

For the month of November, I am doing a special activity in the Sunday School class that I teach. We are using the materials Adventures in the Jewish World from Bible Visuals International to teach about the roots of the Christian faith found in the Old Testament.  There are neat lessons about the traditional Jewish holidays and how they point to Yeshua as the true Messiah.  As I have been preparing this week’s lesson (which is about Succoth), I have been looking for some appropriate music.  I came across this recording of He is Jehovah, and absolutely love it!
Found at: FilesTube

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Ugh–my blog is behind again!  It seems like I go in spurts of being really diligent, and then not being….well, so diligent! 🙂  To be honest, things have been so crazy lately, that blogging has just gotten put by the side of my desk, but I will be catching it up over the next few days.

Brock’s birthday was November 5.  He had a countdown going for weeks, so he was pretty excited when the day finally came.  We had all of the Prairie Family birthday traditions:  a cake made by Grandma, presents, eating out, etc. Brock really enjoyed the birthday cake that Grandma made for him.  It was shaped like a hamburger with lots of ketchup–just like he likes it!

He isn’t the easiest kid to shop for in the world!  When asked what he wants, Brock’s reply is always, “a new game, a book, a Nerf gun, and whatever else you pick out.”  So, that’s what he got!  All of the boys are really enjoying the book series Archives of Anthropos and they were ready for the next volumes, so we gave him books 3 and 4 of that.  These books are similar to the Chronicles of Narnia, and some readers (including my boys) think they are better.  All of my kids–the girls included–are really into Nerf guns these days, so Brock’s birthday was a good occasion to get him a nice one to add to our growing collection. (Any ideas how to nicely store these things????) I think the Nerf fad is deserving of an entry all of its own, so that’ll be coming in the next few days.  In addition to these things, we gave Brock a new Wii game (much easier to store than the guns) and a pair of binoculars that will be fun for camping.

One of the highlights of our day was eating at Pizza Hut.  Believe it or not, that is one of the cheapest places for us to eat–especially when we order the Pizza Mia pizzas.  It sure makes for a nice time.  They had some fun conversation game cards on the tables, and the kids had a lot of fun playing those while we waited for our pizzas.

One of our family traditions began when the kids were very little.  Blowing out the birthday candles used to cause such stress.  Of course the one whose birthday it was would get frustrated that the others would try to blow out the candles, and the rest of them got frustrated not being able to blow out the candles.  We decided to get around this by lighting the candles twice.  The first time, only the birthday kid could blow out the candles.  The second time, the others got a chance to blow them out too.  After years of practice, the kids have gotten quite good at blowing out those silly candles.  Here is what it typically looks like:

Doesn’t take long, does it?!

All in all, it was a very nice day. Brock is really a neat kid. He has such a good sense of humor–he keeps me laughing!

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This week Cosette was supposed to write several sentences to complete the phrase “Happiness Is…” She wrote some very good ideas, some of which kind of surprised me! Here are her thoughts:

Happiness is finally beating the last boss in a video game.

Happiness is finishing a picture with glitter.

Happiness is trying on winter jammies.

Happiness is ripping open presents in colorful paper.

Happiness is weekends.

Happiness is two braids on your neck.

Happiness is listening to Japenese Songs.

Eternal Happiness is God.

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