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This weekend Dan took John and Brock to a Boy Scout Merit Badge University, so I had a special (and very busy) weekend with Cosette, Luke, and Kara.

We began our weekend by working on the PRAY Program level that Luke and Cosette are completing.  We are getting very close to having that finished, and it is a good thing that we are since Cosette will age out of this level when school starts!  After we got that finished, we went to the bowling alley for bowling, pizza, and games.  The kids had such fun using the arcade!  We don’t usually do that, but I decided that since this was a special occasion, they could play a few games if they brought their own money.

Saturday morning we needed to fill Summer Food for Kids bags for Genesis.  We had done around 200 of them earlier in the summer, but the food bank was running short, so we filled around 150 more–hopefully that will be enough to last until school starts again.  This was Luke’s first time of volunteering for Genesis.  He found what the others have said to be true:  volunteering is tiring and a lot of work, but it is so rewarding and fun!

Saturday afternoon the kids went with a friend to the pool.  This has been a neat deal really.  This girl is a granddaughter of one of Dan’s co-workers.  She has been coming to visit her Grandma on the weekends to get help with 4-H cooking projects, and when her work is finished, her Grandma has been taking her to the pool.  Since she doesn’t live here or know kids here, her Grandma thought it would be nice to take our kids along to get acquainted and make new friends.  I don’t know about her, but I can definitely say that my kids have enjoyed getting to know her and have loved going to the pool!

We were pretty tired on Saturday evening, so we just stayed home and watched a movie.

On Sunday, we had another very full day.  Of course, we had Sunday School and church, but it was also the Sunday that our church does the church services for our local nursing homes.  The Sunday School kids had a song to share with the residents, so we went to all of the local facilities to sing and play music.

On Sunday evening we had a special treat!  The Ball Brothers gave a free concert in our community.  I have listened to them for quite some time, and we were so excited that they were coming to our small town!  Fortunately, John, Brock, and Dan were back in time to go with us because everyone had such a wonderful time!  During the intermission, Dan told the kids that it would be all right for them to  buy a CD, and my dear “shy” Cosette took the opportunity to walk right up to the lead singer and ask for his autograph.  They were so kind to her–he passed her paper around so the whole group could sign it.  She was pretty pleased.  Anyway, it was a great way to end a special weekend.

I am going to post a couple of entries with videos of the Ball Brothers–they were fantastic, and we were really blessed!


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Where Have I Been?????

I think the picture for this entry pretty much answers the title’s question:  I have  been painting, sorting, cleaning, etc.  When people ask me what my plans are for the summer, my response is always that I spend my summers cleaning up the messes that I make during the school year!  Last year I didn’t get any painting done, so I am behind on these types of projects.

I have managed to get both of our bathrooms painted, cleaned, and repaired.  I also have painted our bedroom–boy, was it a MESS!  It had kind of turned into a “catch-all” for scouting stuff, and there was a lot of stuff to sort through before I could even get to the walls!  It looks so nice all cleaned up with fresh paint–now if I can only keep it that way!

My latest projects are downstairs.  My music room has gotten so crowded with instruments and music that I can’t even remember what I have or have not ordered for which instrument!  Before I can sort through all of that, though, I am starting in our storage closet at the bottom of the stairs.  It has gotten stuffed full of this-and-that, and it is just time for that stuff to go.  My goal is to have room in that closet for some of my craft supplies that are currently in the music room.  Then maybe–just maybe–I’ll be able to get that crazy room straightened out!

I recognize something about myself:  I naturally want to hang on to everything just “in case I need it someday for something.”  I am also discovering that holding possessions loosely is freeing.  I have yet to really need something that I have given away or disposed of.  So, if in doubt, I am purging my stockpiles. We need the space–we don’t need the clutter!

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I love this song’s words!

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Well, this year’s Fourth of July was a little different than it usually is for the Prairie Family, but this year has been quite unusual for the Prairie as a whole.  This summer has been very dry–oh, so dry!  On top of that, it has been hot, hot, hot!  The temperatures were over 100 degrees every day for more than a week, and although we have had a few days of respite, the heat is expected to return.  Because of these conditions, many counties including our own have issued bans on burning that includes fireworks and even outdoor grilling.  So, our normal traditions of grilling hamburgers and watching fireworks had to be put on hold indefinitely.  We made the best of it, though, and still had a very good day.

Brock spent most of July 4 working on a project in the garage with Dan.  I am not going to divulge any details in this post, but when the item is finished, it will get a full entry all of its own.  Let’s just say that this project was specially requested by Brock’s Mom, and she can’t wait until it is finished!

Luke and Kara have been having swimming lessons the past couple of weeks, and I was surprised that they were not cancelled on July 4.  That was all right, though–a good cooling off break!  Kara is in Level 2 this year and has discovered that she can do lots of things she couldn’t do last year including floating on her back, swimming far enough to take a breath, and treading water.  She just beams at every class and is very proud of herself.  Luke is in Level 3 and has made amazing progress!  He can now swim back and forth and back and forth across the pool doing the front crawl, breast stroke, back crawl, side stroke, etc.  I told Dan that he should try not only for the Boy Scout red swimmer, but even the blue!  I really think he could do it!  He has also been working on diving, and has come a long way on that too.

After a supper of non-grilled hamburgers (sigh….), we took the kids to our favorite little fishing spot.  Boy, did it show just how dry it truly is here!  I have never seen the water so low–it was rather depressing.  The kids were not disappointed, though, because they were able to catch a couple of small fish.

Of course, no one knows how long this burn ban will go on.  We were blessed this past weekend with a little bit of rain and cooler temperatures for a couple of days.  I do know this:  I am very, very thankful for air conditioning!  🙂

A sad note:  the fireworks at the beginning of the slideshow are the only ones allowed for this year.  Hmmm….virtual fireworks just don’t quite have the same effect…….

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