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Where is June Going????

June 22 collage

June is quickly slipping by!  I can definitely say, though, that we will look back on Summer 2014 with a lot of fun memories!

John and Brock are both continuing to put in quite a few hours at their jobs.  It really has been good–I have seen a lot of growth in both of them, and that was one of our main goals for this process.

Kara’s summer classes kept us all running this week.  She has done everything from cake decorating to gymnastics to acrylic landscape painting.  I so appreciate the church that offers these activities–our family sure has benefited from them over the years.  Cosette has also been busy helping with some of these classes.  It is really neat seeing her grow into a responsible helper!  It won’t be very many years before she’ll be ready to teach classes of her own!

I decided this week that I would do something I have never done before:  buy a family season pass to our local water park.  In the past, we have bought family passes to the bowling alley, but those were not offered this year.  After giving it quite a bit of thought and figuring out how many times we’d need to use the pass to pay for it, I decided to “take the plunge.”  Needless to say, the kids are delighted!  It will be a good way to enjoy the summer and relax at the end of our busy weeks.

So, we are heading into the last full week of June.  There is lots more work, activity, and fun to come!  (At the end of this week, we are going to have a special treat!)  More to come…..

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Summer Craziness!

Early Summer Collage

Well, our summer schedule is certainly in full swing, and it is CRAZY!  Kids are running hither and yon, and I am doing good just to keep up with it all!

Probably our biggest change for this summer is that John and Brock have both gotten jobs.  I have always believed that there are things to learn that are best learned through working, and this summer just seemed to be a good time to put that into practice.  Yes, it adds to the busyness of the summer, but it is a good kind of busy, if you know what I mean.  John is working at a local grocery store as a courtesy clerk, and Brock is working at Arby’s mostly as a frontline cashier.  Managing schedules, increased responsibility, and diligence are all right on the front burner of their lives, and that is a great thing!

Cosette and Luke are both at a Junior High Bible Camp this week.  We haven’t heard anything from them, so I assume that they are doing all right!  LOL!  I am sure that they will both have lots of stories to share when we pick them up on Saturday.

Kara’s youth activity classes and library activities both got going this week, so she is enjoying lots of crafts and friend-time.  Cosette usually participates in these as a helper, but since she is gone this week, I have filled in her spot from time-to-time.  That sure has been interesting!  It takes a lot of energy to keep up with a room full of wiggly fun, and I’m not quite in the swing of it!  I’m sure the teachers will be glad to get their regular helper back next week!  🙂

So, things are pretty crazy.  I barely have time to keep up with basic daily tasks by the time I get everyone everywhere they need to go.  Slowly but surely, though, I am working on getting school stuff put away so I can begin some other projects I hope to finish this summer.  We’ll see how it all goes–June is flying by, and school will be back before I know it!

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Summer is definitely coming to the Prairie and that means that the food bank is really busy with special activity!  One of the largest food drives of the year is the Postal Workers drive, and this year was no exception.  It is really neat to see how generous people are when organizations do these collections–unbelievable really!

Our other major project for the summer is our Summer Food for Kids program.  This program provides ready-to-eat food for children whose families are facing food-insecurity.  It really is a fun project!  There is a lot of planning and preparation getting the food ordered and ready to pack into the bags, but the Prairie Family kids are always happy to jump right in and do whatever is needed.

Helping with our local food bank is such a blessing for us.  I can’t even really explain why, but it sure is a source of great joy!

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