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Who Caught the Bouquet?????

Bouquet Collage

Rather frightening, isn’t it?!  Seriously, though, Cosette was very pleased to catch her first bouquet!

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July 5, 2014, was a very special day!  After months of planning and excitement, my nephew married the sweetest bride, and now they are beginning their lives together–right in our hometown on the Prairie!   The couple met after both of them moved to our town for employment.  It was a match made in Heaven–truly it was.

The wedding was simple and beautiful, and I thought that my new “niece-in-law” made a stunning bride.  We are definitely happy to have her in our family.  I was also proud of my niece (the groom’s sister) who served as the official photographer for this special event.  She did an amazing, professional job–we’ll definitely keep her in mind for future projects!  🙂

Here is a collage of some of my pictures from the wedding.  I have one more special wedding memory to share in my next entry!


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Earlier in July, I had the privilege of playing for my nephew’s wedding in Colorado.  Honestly, playing for weddings is one of my favorite things to do, and the fact that it was a family member’s wedding made this one even more special!

The wedding was held in a historic church that has been restored as a community center.  It has lovely, lovely stained glass windows which really enhance the photos.

The pastor that led this wedding felt that family traditions and memories are some of the most important parts of putting together a ceremony, so he took the time to introduce the parents and grandparents of the couple–not only in the rehearsal, but also in the actual ceremony.  He wanted my nephew and his bride to remember how their heritage has led up to this special day, and I thought that was pretty neat.

My next entry will have the pictures of the actual wedding–it was beautiful!

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Sound of Music Trip

The Prairie Family has traveled to Colorado two weekends in a row–one weekend to Greeley for a musical, and the next weekend to Pueblo for a wedding!  It has been a lot of driving, but both trips have held special memories.

Our first trip to Greeley was quite an adventure!  We had seen that a community theater called The Stampede Troupe  was planning to perform The Sound of Music.  Because that is one of our favorite musicals and they had very reasonable ticket prices, we decided to make a family excursion out of it.  We have found that going to “amateur” productions is the way to go!  It is amazing what talent is out there and what these local groups can accomplish!

The Stampede Troupe did not disappoint!  This was probably one of the most well put-together shows that we have been to.  Everything–the acting, scenery, location, singing, costuming, and orchestra–was of top notch quality.  And what a group of talented kids they had to play the Von Trapp children!  All I can say is WOW!

We all loved the show, and now we are all excited about being in our next musical all over again! 🙂  It’s kind of hard to get pictures on a trip like this one because photography is not allowed in the actual show, so the pictures in this entry’s collage were just some snapshots that I got of the kids while we were waiting for the musical to start.  The production, however, was great.  Here is a video that the Stampede Troupe posted of one of their late rehearsals:


So traveling to and from Greeley and watching the musical pretty much filled up that short weekend. A busy week and another trip to Colorado followed!

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