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Annie Costumes

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Well, I think we are getting pretty close to having our costumes for Annie.  There are a lot of them.   I keep saying that once we start taking these to practices, we will look like we are moving in to the college (which we practically will be for the next couple of weeks!)

Everyone has more than one costume this year, so that has made things interesting.  Our local thrift store has been very gracious about letting us try things and donating items for the show, so that has been a blessing.

Here is a slideshow of the Prairie Family’s Annie costumes:

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Ongoing Annie Rehearsals

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This year Cosette had a very interesting science project that ended up much differently than we had originally planned.  She wanted to do an investigation that tested the rotations per minute of a toy helicopter’s blades under a variety of conditions.  So, we got the helicopter, researched ways to measure rpm, and started trying to gather data.

We quickly discovered that all of this was easier said than done.  First of all, the helicopter was pretty hard to control.  In addition to that, measuring rpm on a moving object can be tricky.  We were almost ready to give up when I saw a friend of mine post some information about his drone.  He graciously offered to fly his drone if that would help with the project, so we tried it out, experimented with the right kind of tachometer to measure the blades’ rpm, and got the investigation re-worked.

We didn’t completely abandon the helicopter.  We thought of ways to adapt her original project that would be more practical in real-life and gathered data under a variety of conditions with that as well.

So, probably the most important lesson we learned from this project was to thoroughly test an idea before investing a lot of time into a project that may or may not work.

Once we were finally able to collect the data for Cosette’s project, her board and reports came together quite well.  I will include a video of her presentation and a slideshow about her project with this entry.

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