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This summer our vehicle situation has been kind of tight.  Dan’s car that he had owned since before we were married began having issues early in the summer, which didn’t help anything at all.  The crazy thing got to where it simply would not start!  We took it to the shop several times, and they couldn’t seem to figure out what the electrical problem was that was continually draining the battery.  Having to jumpstart it every time it was needed got pretty old very quickly, and we finally had to come to the conclusion that its days of usefulness were coming to an end.

God always provides for our needs, however, and just about the same time that Dan’s car quit, my dad generously offered to give us an older farm pickup that he no longer needed.  It’s wonderful to have a vehicle that will actually start by turning the key!  :)  Seriously, though, we appreciate having this vehicle–we certainly have needed it.

So, Dan started driving my dad’s old pickup to work, and that left our two vans for our two working boys.  The schedules usually worked out so that I didn’t have to take either of them to work very often.  We were very aware, however, that as the summer drew to a close we were going to have to find another vehicle so we wouldn’t be one vehicle short here when John goes to school.

Again, God always provides for our needs!  One of the other members of the food bank board that I am on asked me if we were planning to buy a car for John and offered to sell us the car he had been driving for a very reasonable price.  He was wanting to sell the car so he could buy a pickup, so this seemed like a great opportunity to pick up a vehicle specifically for college.

John took it for a test drive and liked how it drove–he said it reminded him of driving our Sienna, which is the best vehicle that we own.  It’s in pretty good condition.  We are planning to put new tires on it next week before John drives it across the state.

It will be a blessing for John to have this car, and we are very thankful that the Lord provided it at just the right time.

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Sunday School Collage with Text

We are part of a fantastic small country church, and we are blessed with a wonderful group of kids that make up our Sunday School classes.  I teach the “Junior” class, which, in our case, includes kids from 3rd grade through 7th.  I love my little class–they don’t even realize what a blessing they are!  They are so sharp on Biblical truths that they really keep me on my toes!

This spring, I gave my class a challenge.  I told them that if the class met certain goals relating to attendance, Scripture memory, and weekly Bible study completion, we would have a class party in the early summer that would probably include swimming.  Well, they more than met the challenge! So we set a date and had our party.  Our pastor and his wife provided pizza.  Then we watched the movie Babe at the church, and then, as promised, we ended our day at our local water park for a great time of swimming and fellowship.

I was so pleased with how the kids all participated in this challenge, so we decided to try it again for the summer quarter.  If they continue to meet the goals, we will have a water-balloon launch/water-balloon game day right before school starts again.  Should be a good time!

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Final Grade Collage with Text

Yes, it is official!  John officially completed all of his required coursework for A Beka Academy and graduated in May.  His senior year was pretty hectic, but he was very diligent to get all of his work finished on time.  He has been an excellent student, and we are all excited to see him go forward as the Lord leads him.

People often ask what John is planning to do next.  He will be attending Kansas State University beginning in August.  He is currently pursuing a math major with a music (piano) minor and is really looking forward to studying both areas.  He is exploring career options, and there is plenty of time for that.  As part of his math program, he will be taking a class this fall that discusses possible careers in math, and that will be helpful.  He’s actually going to have a pretty hefty first semester–he’s signed up for calculus, chemistry (with lab), expository writing, economics, choir, and piano.  He really wanted to take music theory, but they told him that class is reserved for music majors in the fall semester, so he’ll do that next spring.  His roommate is a Christian homeschool graduate, and they will be living in Goodnow Hall.

So, this is a summer of transition for John.  He has kept working away at the piano and has a job at Subway (where he is putting in a LOT of hours).  Many people have said that they sympathize with me–having my oldest son leave home soon and all.  But I don’t need sympathy!  :)  I can honestly say that I am thrilled to see God leading John and know that He will care for him every step of the way.  Our whole purpose in being Christian parents is to raise these kids to follow God’s leading and then to rejoice as we see God fulfill HIS purpose in their lives.  We are blessed–truly blessed–and we are thankful!

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Playing at the library and helping with the Heartland Christian School Christmas program were not our only musical opportunities in December.  Last year we started a Prairie Family tradition of playing at some local nursing homes the week of Christmas, and we kept the tradition for year #2 in 2014!  In fact, this year we added another performance at an assisted living center, so we were full of holiday cheer!

Seriously, these are fun musical activities–some of our favorite!  It’s kind of a low-pressure, relaxed way to share our music, and we always leave with the goal to come back soon for another jam session with these great people.  I am really hoping to do something like this again in the early summer with some of the fiddle music that we are currently working on.

It’s not hard to put together a program like this.  By the time we played some quartet music, a few trio songs, a duet here and there, a little bit of piano, and some fun group singing, the time was more than filled.  We had fun, and I hope the residents did as well.

I also had a couple of Christmas Eve services to play for.  At our home church, we had the Sunday School kids dress up in Nativity costumes and sing a song from the program that we did at the Christian school.  That was really neat, and I think the kids were pretty cute, don’t you?!



The other Christmas Eve service was at a church here in town that is currently short a piano player. They wanted to have a carol-sing as part of their midnight service, and I was asked to fill in for that. I have some very dear friends that go there, so I was happy to do that–and it made for a special memory for 2014.

Yes, music has become a major part of our family’s Christmas holiday celebrations, and I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe to add some more???!!!)

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Boxes  Collage

The first couple of weeks of December were ridiculously busy at the Prairie Family house!  In addition to the program at the library and the Heartland Christian School Christmas program, the annual Genesis Christmas Basket project landed at exactly the same time!  So, we were pretty much running our heads off–but we had lots of fun!

I will always remember the 2014 Genesis Christmas basket project as the year of abundance–overflowing abundance in more than one way!  It was my job to make sure that we had enough volunteers to complete each phase of distributing these food packages to the needy families in our community.  Even one week out from the beginning of the project, I just wasn’t sure how it was going to come together.  I did know one thing:  it would be all right.  God definitely takes care of Genesis year-around, and I knew He’d continue to do so.  Despite this, however, I just didn’t have the groups responding to help like they had in years past.  That all changed the Monday before the boxes were filled on Friday!  That day I had sports teams, businesses, churches, etc. all call saying they were coming to help–and come they did!  We had so much help moving the food to our filling location that we were finished in record time!  We had so many volunteers assembling and distributing boxes that we actually had to invent things for them all to do!  So, when God brought the needed help, He brought even more than we needed!

The other way that God provided overflowing abundance had to do with meat.  Several weeks before the filling of the boxes, Genesis received unbelievable donations of meat.  So much meat, in fact, that all of the food bank’s freezers were over-flowing!  We had so much meat that several board members had to store extras until space could be found to move it all.  It was really quite a strange problem to have!  As the baskets approached, we decided that distributing the extra meat to the families getting the baskets would be a good way to thin down our supply.  So that’s what we did!  We started handing out meat, and handing out meat, and handing out meat!  I got on the phone and had the meat that was stored around town brought in, and we just kept handing it out!  At one point, one of my kids asked, “Where is all of this meat coming from?”  I asked them if they remembered the Bible story of the lad with the loaves and fish that Jesus used to feed the multitude, and then I said, “Just watch!  I bet that we will have just enough to take care of all of these people–not too much, not too little.”  And that’s what happened!  As the last person left with their portion of meat, there was just enough meat left in the freezers at the food bank to open for the next regular distribution day.  Wow, isn’t God good?!  He had been preparing that supply through those donations well in advance to take care of the needs in our community.  It was truly amazing to be part of that process!

Yes, 2014 Christmas baskets will always be remembered as a time of seeing God’s powerful hand supplying abundantly.  I love being part of Genesis because I get the privilege of seeing His awesome power and gracious care meeting needs every day, all year around.  Blessed–truly blessed!



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My friend, Christine Quist, took videos of the Heartland Christian School 2014 Christmas program and graciously uploaded them to Youtube so I can post them on this blog.  She also has edited DVD’s available for purchase.  Please contact me if you are interested, and I will get you in touch with her.

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Hcs with text Collage

2014 had a special surprise for me that ended up being a wonderful blessing!  This past summer, the administrator of our town’s Christian school contacted me about helping out at the school with music.  I met with her, and told her that it is definitely my desire to do that in the future.  With my current homeschooling responsibilities, though, I wasn’t sure how well it would fit in with all of the other things I already have going.  We discussed several options, and settled on that I would help direct the school’s Christmas program.  I thought it would give me a chance to get to know the school and its students more, and it would just be a new adventure to try.

So, the first step was  choosing the programs.  For the preschool and kindergarten, we decided to work on a short, simple program written just for that age called My Best-est Friend by Bette Dale Moore.  (We changed the name to “My Best Friend.”)  For grades 1-6 we chose David’s Dynasty produced by Brentwood Kids Music.  I did a lot of editing/adapting on both of these shows before beginning to meet with the kids in October.  I just decided that it was good to fit the scripts specifically to this school, and it was worth all of the pre-work in the end.  I also worked on recording rehearsal cd’s since I figured it would be easier to run a cd player while I taught rather than try to play the piano and lead the class.

October arrived, and with it the real fun began!  I met all of the wonderful kids and had lots of fun getting acquainted with them and helping them get acquainted with the shows.  Figuring out casting and solos was quite a challenge because I wanted everyone who wanted a part to have a part.  We learned songs, ran lines, and, as we had time, we worked on some general music education type activities that the kids enjoyed.

Eventually, of course, there was staging, costuming, lights, sound, etc. to figure out–and I must admit, we kind of learned as we went.  I told the kids all along, though, that “we do the best we can, and that’s all we can do.  God takes care of the rest,” and that really proved to be true.  They did their best, I did my best, and God was faithful in pulling the people and details together to make the show a success.  There were ups and downs,  good moments and not-so-good, but through it all it was just amazing to see how God worked.  I kept saying that I wasn’t worried because God had started this thing and I knew He would see it through to the end– and that certainly was the case.

The week of the show had a big obstacle to overcome:  illness.  The kids in the school started passing around a nasty respiratory flu type bug, and there were days that many, many kids missed school.  I also got the illness, but I had no choice but to press on!  :)  Even the day of the show, I had kids call in sick, but I really wasn’t worried.  I knew God would take care of it.  Yes, we were missing key people in the performance.  Yes, Kara sang a solo and said lines that she had never done before for the actual performance.  But it all went very well, thanks to the blessing and support of our Lord.

For me personally, doing this program was a growing experience in many, many ways.  I think the thing that I will always remember about it is the wonderful kids.  I can honestly say that not once–not once–did they give me any trouble.  They were always enthusiastically doing their best.  Their happy faces brought me many joyful memories, and I love them all.  The faculty at the school was great as well.  It’s not easy to keep going with limited time and resources, but they were always right there to help out as they could.  Those are things that did not end when we finished the show.  I will forever hold Heartland Christian School close to my heart.

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