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This year God has blessed me with sixteen wonderful music students (this does not include my own kids)!  There are 13 piano students, 2 violin students, and 1 voice student.  Although I never really sought out being a music teacher, it is what God has laid in my lap at this time of my life.  And my life is so rich because of it!  I am blessed to have wonderful people coming in every day to share music with me–how can it get any better than that?!  And it’s not just music–what a fantastic way to get to meet families that I might not ever get to know otherwise.  I am truly rich!

Recently, one of my youngest students wanted to play “Jesus Loves Me” for church.  This video will show why I love my music students so much:

Life doesn’t get much better than this!  :)

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Five Kids Selfie

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KSU Collage

We had the privilege of visiting John at KSU on Labor Day.  It was so wonderful to see him and to have all of my five kids together again for a few hours.

John is doing extremely well.  Shortly after arriving at KSU, he quickly discovered that his heart was not into math like he thought it was.  Instead, every time he heard the band practicing or walked by the music building, he just wanted to be there doing music.  So, we discussed the pro’s and cons, and John made the decision to change his major to music education.  The music faculty were wonderful helping him to get all of the classes switched that he needed to change, and everything worked out well.

So John has a full load of first semester music classes, and he is loving every minute of it.  His main instrument is piano, but he is following a choral music track.  So, he spends many hours each week practicing the piano and many more going to music theory classes, choir, etc.  Of course, he still has his general ed courses too, so he is still taking Calculus, a writing class, and a history class.  He also has to attend a certain number of a variety of types of recitals each semester, so he has been enjoying that as well.

God is continuing to guide John each step of the way, and that is so neat to see.  He is still looking for just the right church.  He’s visited a few places, but “the one” has not jumped out at him yet.  So, we are praying for that.  Having a strong, loving church family is so important.  We know there is one out there, we are just praying that God will lead him to it.

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Water Balloon Collage

Our church has had a pretty long-standing tradition of using a giant sling shot to shoot water balloons as far as possible.  It had actually been a couple of years since we had done this, and I decided this year was a good time to bring it back.  So, last Sunday we spent a few minutes just enjoying the kids of our church–some of whom are new to our church family and haven’t gotten to try out this wonderful activity before!

The kids (and adults) all had a good time.  We even brought our water rocket bottle launcher to add into the fun.  Our little country church is blessed with a wonderful bunch of kids–I love them all!

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Towards the end of August, the long-awaited day finally arrived:  the day when John left home to study at Kansas State University.  Wow–what a whirlwind of activity and emotion that was!  Everyone had warned me that leaving that loved one at school clear across the state would not be easy, and I had believed them.  Now I know from experience that it is true!  Saying goodbye to this great kid that means the world to us was tough, tough, tough–but, oh, the joy that is there too!  Seeing him grow up and follow Christ on his own is the purpose of our parenting, and now we are reaping the rewards of that.  These kids are not and never have been ours; they belong to the Lord, and it is just great to see God leading them every step each day.

God clearly led John to KSU.  So, I have no worries!  He is a faithful, loving God who has John’s future perfectly planned, and it is neat to see Him at work.  Take, for example, John’s roommate (the boy in the picture with John). This is just one example of many showing God’s guiding hand in miraculous ways.  Of course, we have been praying for just the right roommate for John for a long time.  Living in the dorms at a state university is never easy, but having the right roommate can make a huge difference.  At first, John was just going to take the “luck of the draw” on roommates, but then he decided to watch a discussion board specifically set up for KSU students to find compatible roommates.  Within a few days, he saw a posting from a boy who described himself as kind of introverted looking for a roommate who was a Christian.  Pretty soon John and this boy were emailing back and forth, and we soon learned that this boy is also a homeschool graduate who was attending KSU as a freshman.  He is a Christian and a diligent student–an architecture major.  The boys both agreed that this looked like a good direction, so they filled out the paperwork to request each other as roommates.

Fast forward to moving-in day.  We had not been in John’s dorm unpacking belongings for very long before we had the privilege of meeting this boy’s parents.  His dad asked me if Dan is my husband.  Now that kind of took me for a surprise!  I asked him if he knew Dan, and he said that he, indeed does.  In fact, he is also an ag economist and has worked with Dan on projects and has attended many of the same conferences and such.  He said that he had not put together that John was Dan’s son because his son always just referred to him as “John,” never saying the last name.  When they saw the name on the door, they recognized the connection right off.

Now, what are the chances of this happening?  Of two boys meeting on the internet, both KSU freshmen, both Christians, both homeschool graduates, both serious students–whose fathers have worked together but had nothing to do with their meeting????  Humanly, it is about zero percent.  With God, the chances are one hundred percent.

So, while it is difficult not having John at home with us, we are completely at rest knowing that our Father who takes care of every detail is watching over him.  Things aren’t always easy, but there is always joy.  God is good–all of the time, He is good.

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This summer our vehicle situation has been kind of tight.  Dan’s car that he had owned since before we were married began having issues early in the summer, which didn’t help anything at all.  The crazy thing got to where it simply would not start!  We took it to the shop several times, and they couldn’t seem to figure out what the electrical problem was that was continually draining the battery.  Having to jumpstart it every time it was needed got pretty old very quickly, and we finally had to come to the conclusion that its days of usefulness were coming to an end.

God always provides for our needs, however, and just about the same time that Dan’s car quit, my dad generously offered to give us an older farm pickup that he no longer needed.  It’s wonderful to have a vehicle that will actually start by turning the key!  :)  Seriously, though, we appreciate having this vehicle–we certainly have needed it.

So, Dan started driving my dad’s old pickup to work, and that left our two vans for our two working boys.  The schedules usually worked out so that I didn’t have to take either of them to work very often.  We were very aware, however, that as the summer drew to a close we were going to have to find another vehicle so we wouldn’t be one vehicle short here when John goes to school.

Again, God always provides for our needs!  One of the other members of the food bank board that I am on asked me if we were planning to buy a car for John and offered to sell us the car he had been driving for a very reasonable price.  He was wanting to sell the car so he could buy a pickup, so this seemed like a great opportunity to pick up a vehicle specifically for college.

John took it for a test drive and liked how it drove–he said it reminded him of driving our Sienna, which is the best vehicle that we own.  It’s in pretty good condition.  We are planning to put new tires on it next week before John drives it across the state.

It will be a blessing for John to have this car, and we are very thankful that the Lord provided it at just the right time.

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Sunday School Collage with Text

We are part of a fantastic small country church, and we are blessed with a wonderful group of kids that make up our Sunday School classes.  I teach the “Junior” class, which, in our case, includes kids from 3rd grade through 7th.  I love my little class–they don’t even realize what a blessing they are!  They are so sharp on Biblical truths that they really keep me on my toes!

This spring, I gave my class a challenge.  I told them that if the class met certain goals relating to attendance, Scripture memory, and weekly Bible study completion, we would have a class party in the early summer that would probably include swimming.  Well, they more than met the challenge! So we set a date and had our party.  Our pastor and his wife provided pizza.  Then we watched the movie Babe at the church, and then, as promised, we ended our day at our local water park for a great time of swimming and fellowship.

I was so pleased with how the kids all participated in this challenge, so we decided to try it again for the summer quarter.  If they continue to meet the goals, we will have a water-balloon launch/water-balloon game day right before school starts again.  Should be a good time!

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