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Things got so hectic last week that I forgot to do my Sunday Seven entry! So, here is my list for this week:

1. CLEAN! This is a continual job that could always be on my list! Tomorrow is our last day of school before the Christmas break, so maybe I’ll actually have time to get some thorough, much-needed cleaning and straightening done.

2. There is a snack mix recipe that I have been wanting to try, and this week I am going to do it! It is called Chocolate Chex Caramel Crunch, and I think this will make a nice munchie to have around during our school break.

3. Of course, this week is Christmas.  So, special meals and presents will be a fun part of this week!

4. RELAX!  Yes, I am actually putting this on my Sunday Seven list!  We have been going at a frantic pace lately, and I really want to have a relaxed, enjoyable Christmas with my family.  

5. Next week I get to substitute teach the Sunday School class that John and Brock are in.  That is always a great time!

6. Brock started his Kansas history unit this past week, and even though we are officially going to be on Christmas break, I am going to use some of those days to find pictures and do some planning for his Kansas notebook so we will be ahead of the game when we start back to school in January!

7. I want to help John and Brock get some Scout projects done during our break from school as well.  Our days are pretty full by the time we get through school and homework, so these break times are the best times that we have to focus on some of these extracurricular activities.

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Sunday Seven: 12.07.08

This week is going to be a busy week with many Christmas activities. Here are my seven plans for my Sunday Seven Entry for this week:

1. Tonight there is a Christmas Light Parade downtown. Brock and Luke are going to be on a Cub Scout float. So, I will take the girls and John to watch their brothers go by!

2. Tomorrow night John’s Boy Scout troop is having a Court of Honor. He is due for a rank advancement and a couple of merit badges. That should be a fun event.

3. We need to keep working on our Christmas decorations. I did finish our stocking buttons, and Dan got our outdoor lights up yesterday. Now it is time for the tree….

4. Dan has meetings again this week, so Luke again needs one of his older brothers to take him to Tiger Cubs on Tuesday. Hopefully one of them will volunteer!

5. On Saturday, the ladies of our church are going to have lunch at a steakhouse and have an ornament exchange. That should be a special treat!

6. I got our family Christmas picture ordered for our Christmas letters, and hopefully they will come this week. That means that I will have Christmas cards to get ready!

7. I am still working on giving the bathrooms a thorough cleaning. I made some progress, but there is still much more to do!

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Sunday Seven 11-30

I have been searching for a new Meme to participate in. I have tried some in the past, but it seems like after a few weeks into it, the suggested blogging topics don’t apply to me. Today, though, I found one that is general enough that maybe I’ll be able to keep up with it awhile!

This Sunday Seven meme is apparently one that had been started a while back, but had been discontinued. A lady who blogs at Instantly Mama has decided to start it back up again.  I got acquainted with the writer of that blog during our adoption process, and she has a very neat family. They have already adopted three children, and are in the process of adopting another little girl from India soon.

Like I said, the Sunday Seven meme is fairly wide-open.  To participate, each Sunday you list seven things about the coming week . The list can be things you’ll be doing, prayers your praying, things you’re thankful for, or just whatever. The goal is just to share a few things about your life and as a result get to know each other better.  If nothing else, it will help me to plan my weeks better!  🙂  So, I will try out this meme for awhile and see if it is something that I will continue.

Here is my Sunday Seven installment for this week:

1. Saturday is Cosette’s birthday.  I have all of her gifts, but I will need to wrap them in a few days.

2. I need to make this year’s stocking buttons.  We have a unique Christmas tradition of adding buttons that symbolize something important for each person’s year onto the Christmas stockings.  More about that tradition can be read here.  This gives a fun history for each of our family members, but it does take some time to plan and actually make the buttons.  So, that is a job I need to accomplish this week.

3.  Along that same line, I need to give some thought to our family’s yearly Christmas letter.  I finally got a fairly decent picture of the 5 kids that I need to get prints of to include with our Christmas cards as well.

4.  I have several potential entries for this blog going through my mind.  I kind of neglected posting last week with the holiday and all, so I will try to catch it up in the next few days.

5.  Good News!  John finished his Adoniram Judson research report yesterday!  That means that I will need to grade it this week.  Those research reports are big projects, so they require thoughtful grading. It’s also kind of hard not having anything to compare his report with!  

6.  I need to give both of our bathrooms a big, thorough cleaning.  Not just the usual cleaning.  Ick.  I don’t look forward to that!

7.  I plan on enjoying my family this week.  I truly have been blessed with each one!

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