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Kara has continued to be busy this summer making a variety of art projects. These usually are recycled boxes turned into various things for her Webkinz Zumbuddies. This morning I went downstairs to do some laundry, and I found these recent additions to her collection on her desk:

TV for Zumbuddies

Kara tells me that this is a television for her Zumbuddies.

A Popsicle Stick Chandelier

This creation was a little harder to understand because Kara didn’t know what it was called. After a lot of discussion, I think this is a Popsicle Stick Chandelier for her Zumbuddies. She informed me that it does not use lightbulbs, however. It burns candles.

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Webkinz Fun

My kids have enjoyed Webkinz for a long time, but recently the way they play with them has changed.  In the past they have enjoyed playing the Webkinz games on the internet, but lately they have come up with all kinds of ways of playing with the actual, real-world toys.

It is not uncommon to find Cosette, Luke, and Kara making up skits for their Webkinz.  They come up with all kinds of stories, write out the scripts, practice, and then act them out with their animals.  Cosette will even use her digital camera sometimes to record their creations.

Cosette and Kara enjoy doing crafty things with their Webkinz pets too.  They make hats, clothes, furniture, and all kinds of accessories for them, and yesterday they decided to try drawing them.  I told the girls that I will get them a sketch book the next time I go to the store so they can keep their drawings nice and collected.

So, for the Prairie Family, Webkinz is fun–not only in the virtual, internet world, but in the real world too!

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Earlier this week, I discovered that one of our school bookshelves had turned into a hospital!  I had to know the story behind this scene, and I knew just who to ask:  Kara Joy. She told me that she had been playing with Pepper, her Webkinz baby penguin, when she accidentally dropped him down the stairs. (Actually Pepper was sliding down the handrail, I think!)  Well, you can tell that Kara has had a lot of medical experience in her short life, because this turned into what is now a full-blown drama unfolding on my bookshelf!

Cosette and Kara did a full evaluation of Pepper and determined that he had a broken wing. 😦  (Not really, just pretend).  So, they made a “cast” for him, made him a bed with a cotton-ball pillow, and admitted him to the “hospital.”  Kara’s pink Googles, Sophie, is the doctor in charge of Pepper’s case, and she faithfully is watching over Pepper night and day.

The girls tell me that the cast must stay on for one month.  So the baby penguin will be incapacitated until 5:04 p.m. on May 21.  I guess that means that my bookshelf is going to stay occupied until then.  🙂

Later I found this scene:


I asked why Pepper was out of bed, and Cosette told me that he was feeling well enough to get out of bed now and was up reading a book! What imaginations…..

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Yesterday was John’s 12th birthday.  Yes, I know:  he is really growing up!

We had a very nice day to celebrate.  The highlight was probably eating at his favorite Chinese restaurant.  We were almost finished eating when the waitress surprised John with a birthday cake!  Everyone in the restaurant joined in singing Happy Birthday and clapped for him.  He really liked it.  Dan and I both looked at each other wondering how they knew it was his birthday–then, we found out that while we had been filling plates at the buffet, Kara had told the waitress that it was John’s birthday, and the cooks put together a quick cake for him.  What was really ironic is what the paper in Kara’s fortune cookie said at the end of the meal.  It said, “Assert yourself, your ideas are worthwhile at this time.”  Pretty much summed up her experience with telling the waitress about John’s special day, doesn’t it?!

John enjoyed his presents.  He got a new game for the Wii, a new study Bible, a set of competition stacking cups, and one of the new collector’s Webkinz from the signature series.  I had a lot of fun getting that special panda–they are fairly hard to get.  I preordered his off of a Website that was only going to get 6 of them.  I was surprised that I was able to “beat the rush” and get it for him.  I think the stacking cups will be neat.  He hasn’t had a chance to learn about them or try them yet, but maybe if he or one of the other kids gets good at it, I will post a video later this summer.

Now, for my three special statements about the birthday boy:

1. John is a very thoughtful, intelligent boy.  He does very well in school and loves to learn new things.

2. John loves his Savior, Jesus Christ.  He has a deep knowledge of and hunger for the Scriptures.

3. It is fun watching John change and grow.  When he was just a baby, a relative told me that if I thought having that baby was great, just to wait until he grew up.  Kids just get better and better.  That sure has been true of John.  I have a special relationship with him and enjoy not only being his Mom, but also being his friend.

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Luke’s Penguins

Luke is such a funny boy!  He has started his own penguin collection.  It started with his Little Kinz penguin.  He loves that thing.  Then he got the big one for his birthday.  When Webkinz came out with the Kinz Clips penguin, he knew that he wanted that one too.  When I asked him why he likes the penguins so much, he simply says that “they are just so cute!”

Today he decided to trade in his exercise points for a Kinz Clip penguin.  The points are usually traded in for something around $10-$15, and since the clip was only $5.50, I told him he could pick out some other small thing to go with it.  He got busy looking, and sure enough, he found another penguin:  a Webkinz figurine.  When we got home, he immediately got out his collection to put his “family” together.  Yes, he is a neat kid.

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Luke and Kara have been quite the buddies lately. Where one is, the other is not far away.  Tonight I saw them at the table sharing the laptop as they were playing with their new Webkinz.  I am glad my camera was handy to capture what sweet friends they are!

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Well, I was right:  Cosette’s achievement of reaching her exercise goal last Saturday spurred some others who were close to reach theirs as well.  Kara and Luke both got enough points to get their first prizes. Kara got a Webkinz fish that she named Sparkles, and Luke got a whale that he named Bubble.  Good for you, kids!

Now it will be interesting to see if they will still be motivated to complete the goal again!

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First One to 100 Points

In my entry dated January 14,2009, entitled “Exercise Points,” I wrote about our family’s exercise incentive program.  We set up a plan where people could earn 1 point for every 10 minutes of exercise.  The younger kids had a goal of 50 points, while the adults and older kids had a goal of 100 points.  These points can be traded in for prizes.

Well, Cosette was the first to make her goal.  Yes, she reached 100 points today.  So that is 1000 minutes (16.67 hours) of exercise since January 11, 2009!  She wanted to trade her points for a Webkinz Blossom Fish.  She is delighted with her new virtual pet!

So how are the rest of us doing?  Here are our current stats:

Dan:  35/100

Lois: 56/100

John: 47/100

Brock: 50/100

Luke: 41/50

Kara: 35/50

We are all making progress!  I think Cosette’s success today has spurred everyone back into action!  

(I am trying to decide which Webkinz I will get with my first 100 points.  I can’t decide between a mouse or a cotton candy bunny.  I love those things as much as the kids do!)

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Exercise Points

I will admit it:  we had gotten pretty lazy this winter.  It is so easy to do when the weather is cold and we have school to do.  Our lack of activity bothered Dan, so last week he came up with a plan to get everyone to exercise, and it has met with unexpected success!

We developed a point system.  One point is the same as 10 minutes of purposefull exercise.  When the older kids reach 100 points, or when the younger kids reach 50 points, these can be traded for a reward. Right now all of the kids have Webkinz pets as the reward, but that can change as interests change.  What has been surprising, though, is how the kids have gotten into it!  Not only for the prize, but because they have found that exercising is fun.  They also like seeing their points accumulate, and, yes, they like seeing how they are doing in relation to the other kids.

We originally thought it would take about 2 months to reach the prize goal of 100 or 50 points, but the way they are going, it is not going to take nearly that long.  I will keep you posted on how things progress.  By the way, I am also participating in the points system, and I am happy to report that I have already gotten 8 points this week!

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My friend Heather at Adoptakid the Sequel tagged me!  (By the way, Heather, I love the new name for your blog!)  I am supposed to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself.  So, here it goes:

1. I know sign language.  In fact, I was an interpreter for the deaf after I graduated from college.

2. I was never in 8th grade.  That’s right:  I was in 7th grade one year, and 9th the next!  

3. I LOVE math!  It was my favorite subject in school, and when I went to college, I started out as a math major.  After a year of majoring in math, I decided to combine my love for math with my love for kids and changed my major to receive an education degree.

4. Speaking of college, President Bush, Sr., spoke at my college graduation while he was still president.  (Yes, I graduated from college that long ago!)

5. I don’t have a cell phone.  Not only that, I don’t really even want a cell phone!  Strange, huh?!

6. I grew up with the award-winning Christian artist, Mark Schultz.  He was in my 4-H club, and we had several music classes together.  For those who are Mark Schultz fans, I can tell you that he was an ornery boy that was known to be a class clown!  🙂

7. I must admit that I enjoy playing Webkinz.  I bought Webkinz pets for my kids last Christmas, and when I saw how much fun they had, I decided to get one for myself!  Now I am hooked–and why not?  It is simple, harmless fun!

Now I am going to break the “rules” of this tag by only tagging one blog.  I am going to pass this tag onto my sister-in-law Amber at Scraps ‘N Snaps where there are brand new pictures of my adorable nephew!  I can’t wait to find out seven random things about you, Amber!

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