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Mingo Bible Church

You know you go to Mingo Bible Church, if you……..

  • get caught in traffic–not by a traffic jam, but by a tractor going down the road.
  • not only know everyone’s name, but probably also know their birthdates and anniversary dates!
  • know where everyone will sit even before they walk in the door.  (Thanks, Brock!)
  • are greeted by a happy little munchkin with a great big hug.
  • feel out-of-place because you are not related to the Goossens, Franz’s, or Regiers.
  • remember the long-term organist teasing the song leader from the organ.  (The pianist would NEVER do that!)
  • have pictures of your kids playing Foosball with the pastor after church dinner.


  • launch water balloons at the grain elevators every summer during VBS.

Water Balloon Launch

  • have three wonderful dogs  (Big Dog, Puppy 1 and Puppy 2) race to be petted every week in the parking lot.
  • climb the mulberry tree after church and try to sneak a few without getting caught.  (which is hard because of the purple fingers!)
  • get shoes full of stickers while playing on the playground after morning services.
  • look forward to a church bowling party every January.

Friends, Bowling, Pizza:  Life is Good!

  • endure the summer heat to go Putt Putt golfing in Oakley.


  • discuss such things as lightning shooting out of your finger tips in Sunday School.  (Right, boys????)
  • have church dinner every first Sunday of the month.
  • have a whole binder full of recipes to try for church dinner.
  • know who will bring enchiladas, Doritos, and potato salad to the church dinner!  🙂
  • only change the bulletin boards once each year: right before VBS.
  • have the local Boy Scout Master, Cub Scout Master, and American Heritage Girl Trailblazer Support Coordinator all in your congregation.


  • drive to church and see geocaching fans from all over the USA searching for the oldest active cache.
  • notice that one of the largest items on the church’s budget is missions. We love, admire, and support many missionaries!

A Great Role Model!

  • have a Pastor who will travel as far as necessary to visit your family in times of need.
  • feel like you are losing a family member when someone moves or passes on to Glory.  😦
  • feel welcomed and accepted, no matter what.
  • hear the Word of God boldly preached from the pulpit every week without compromise or apology.
  • are always challenged to grow spiritually by the testimonies and examples of the congregation.

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A lady that used to live here on the Prairie brought me a lot of good memories this week and has inspired a whole new category for this blog! She started one of the “You know you are from ______ if you remember ________” discussion groups on Facebook for the town where I grew up and currently live.  I had no idea how much fun this type of group would be!  People are reminiscing about all sorts of things–people they knew, places they used to go, memories from high school, etc. One lady even shared a recipe from our Grade School cafeteria for a bar cookie that everyone loved and that I plan on making this week!

So, what does that have to do with the Prairie Family Chronicles??? Well, it got me to thinking about my own kids and how they are building those great memories right now in this town in our home.  These are the days that they will look back on as adults and say, “remember when…..”  So, I thought it would be fun to have an ongoing category of posts that I plan on calling “You Know _____ If ________” posts that we will add to as time goes on.  So, these posts won’t be in their final forms, but will be added to and changed–mostly for the benefit of my kids, although I think others will enjoy them too.  Who knows?? Maybe someday I’ll actually print them off for my adult kids so they can have a sweet walk down memory lane!  🙂

Sometimes this old world seems pretty dark and grim.  It’s nice to just sit back and think about the good things that we encounter every day.  I hope my readers will enjoy these posts–and will add their own thoughts to them too!  I am getting ready for the first post of this category, and it should be a good one: You Know you go to Mingo Bible Church if you……

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