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Yep, our family van has a big owie–but not as big as I had imagined it would be!  Dan took Brock and Luke to a Cub Scout Day Camp in a nearby town today and had two other scouts and one other parent riding along.  Sure enough, a deer jumped out right in front of them, and Dan crunched the van.  Praise God, no one was hurt (except for the deer!), and the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as I had pictured in my mind when Dan called me after the accident.  He has already been in contact with our insurance company, so hopefully our van will be on the mend soon.  We are going to Denver on Monday for Kara’s check-up on her foot, but my parents have graciously offered us their van so we won’t have to risk driving our beat-up vehicle.

Other than that mishap, Dan said that the boys had a very good time at the Scout Camp.  Luke was the youngest one there, but it is reported that he was quite a trooper and stuck in there to the very end.  He got tired, but didn’t get whiney or frustrated, so that is really good.  I thought the boys would immediately run to the Wii when they got home, but instead they took John, Kara, and Cosette outside to teach them the fun games that they had learned at camp!  I thought that was pretty neat.

This is a video of Luke and Brock reporting about camp. There’s some pretty cute stuff in the last moments of the clip, so please watch to the very end.  I am glad that my kids missed each other today!

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5/30/08 Update:  This family now has their new referral, and it looks like things are beginning to smooth out for them.  Pictures of their daughter can be seen on their family website at http://chinacaboose.blogspot.com/ .  Please take time today to join me in praising Jesus Christ for His mighty work!  This will be my last update on this story.

5/29/08 Update:  I am reading great news about this family’s situation on the Yahoo group where I learned about it!  I will post another update as soon as there is official information.  In the mean time, please keep praying for this family.  Their time frame is pretty tight, and they still need God’s direct guidance.

There is a dear family in China  right now that I am in contact with that is experiencing a similar adoption situation that we experienced in 2006.  I would really ask you to pray for them–this is really a difficult time for them, and they are waiting to see what direction their journey will take.  The website where that family is posting updates is at http://chinacaboose.blogspot.com/ .

As a result of this situation, I have noticed that several people are searching The Prairie Family Chronicles for Kara’s story because our journey was so similar.  That happened back in 2006, so it is many pages back in this journal.  To find those entries easier, type “September 2006” into the search engine of The Prairie Family Chronicles, and it will bring up a listing of the entries made on those dates.  The main entries of interest are at the following links:





If you are looking for this information, I hope this helps.  Please take time to pray for the family in China–they really need the encouragement and direction from God that we so generously received in 2006.  Their current situation reminds me just how blessed we are to have Kara in our family.

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I have been taking a lot of pictures, but haven’t been putting them in Smileboxes lately.  So, I decided to combine some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks into an unthemed, unrelated slideshow!  Enjoy the recent pictures of the Prairie Family Chronicles clan!

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More information about this film can be seen at http://www.mandiemovies.com/ .

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     During the summer we have “Movie Day.”  This started several years ago when our local movie theater had free afternoon matinees for kids.  Back then, they had several good movies on their schedule, and I enjoyed taking my kids to the movies, and they enjoyed the popcorn!
    Our local theater still does this, but for the last few years there have been no movies that I will allow my kids to attend.  So, we decided last year to start our own “Movie Day” once a week during the summer.  This is a rare treat for us because we really don’t watch television very much, let alone watching movies.  But we have gathered quite a collection of nice movies, and the kids like watching these DVD’s and eating our homemade popcorn almost as much as going to the theater.
     Last week we started our “Movie Day” for this summer by watching the second volume of the Sugar Creek Gang movies entitled The Great Canoe Fish.  In the films, Circus is a GIRL!  Yes, a girl!  In the books, all of the gang members are boys, but they have a really cute tomboy character playing Circus in the movie.  As we watched the film, we noticed that not only does this girl-version of Circus act like Cosette, she even kind-of looks like a little-older Cosette too!  Since then, Circus has been Cosette’s hero, and she asked me to try to make her hair in braided ponytails like Circus’s too.  So, I gave it my best shot, and now it is a regularly requested hairstyle! 
     Actually, I think Cosette looks pretty cute trying to imitate Circus.  The actress that plays that part, Lexi Johnson, is also playing the part of Mandie in the new Mandie movie “Mandie and the Secret Tunnel” due to be released in 2008.  This new movie is based on one of the Mandie books, which is a series of books similar to a girl-version of the Sugar Creek Gang.  I figure we might as well start reading those books, because I am sure Cosette will love them, and will love seeing “Circus” playing the part of Mandie! 
     I will post a video clip of the new Mandie movie trailer in my next post. 





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Kara’s New Shoes

Dan and I have noticed over the last several months that Kara has gotten to where she falls down more and more often.  In fact, right now she has bandaids on both of her knees from falling down outside, and that is not unusual!  We have seen a trend that she does pretty well until she tries to turn, and that is when she has a tendency to fall down.  We have been concerned that maybe she is having problems with relapse of her clubbed foot or something.  She has a scheduled appointment with Dr. G. in Denver a week from tomorrow, so we have been looking forward to sharing our concerns with her then–especially since Kara is planning on playing t-ball this summer.  Falling when turning corners and playing t-ball don’t mix very well!

Anyway, today Kara wore a fairly casual dress to church, so I put on a pair of sandals for her to wear.  Her clubbed foot has always been and will always be smaller than her other foot, but we have never worried too much about that.  She has just worn regular shoes and has never really complained.  When I put on those sandals, though, I could see just how BIG that shoe was compared to her foot!  But, like I said, that is what we have always done, so I didn’t give it much thought.  During the church service, Kara said she needed to use the restroom, and between the pew where we were sitting and the restroom door, she tripped three times on that big sandal.  That set me to thinking…

Could it be that Kara’s tripping is caused by the big shoe on her clubbed foot?  When we got home, I measured her feet and used a sizing chart off of the internet to see what size of shoe would actually fit that clubbed foot, and I was a little surprised!  She has been wearing size 9 in kids shoes, but her clubbed foot actually measured size 6 1/2!  I talked with Dan about what I was thinking, and we both agreed that I should buy two pairs of shoes, one in size 9 and one in size 6 1/2, to see if wearing the two different sizes might reduce the falling down problems.  We really wanted to get these shoes as soon as possible so we can have several days to observe Kara before her appointment with Dr. G. next Monday.  So, I went to Walmart to see what I could find.  Finding two matching pairs of shoes in those sizes is no easy task!  I looked and looked, and finally found a cute pair of pink shoes that Kara seemed to like. 

So, am I onto something???  Only time will tell.  We’ll definitely be talking to Dr. G. about our concerns and thoughts and will be looking forward to her advice.


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Well, here it is:  this year’s completed Abeka Academy curriculum in semi-organized piles.  By the time it’s all put in one place, it kind of seems like a mountain of stuff to try to put away!  I hope to get it all boxed up today–then I’ll have to try to figure out where to put the boxes!  I have to sort the books pretty carefully so we don’t have to re-buy the non-consumable books.  Abeka has a nice “family kit” program where their fees are reduced for re-used books (within a single family).  So, I’ll need to label the boxes well.  Looks like a busy day…..

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