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We are up to our eyeballs in school projects–that explains why my posting has gotten so behind!  We have already done several posters, started Kara’s mammal notebook, and both John and Brock are in the beginning stages of their science projects.  We certainly do not lack for things to do!

The first major project for A Beka Academy 6th Grade is the Adopt-A-Tree poster.  For this, the students pick a tree to study and get statistics on, and then write a short report about that particular type of tree.  All of the information is displayed on a poster, and then an oral report is given.  We are fortunate that there are many varieties of trees already identified at the research center where Dan works, so we have access to many specimens that we normally would not be able to find in this area. Cosette has been fascinated by the Gingko trees that have been put in at the station, so those were her immediate choice.

This is a picture of Cosette’s poster and a video of her presentation:


So, that is one project complete.  Her next big assignment is the geography map project……  That one is always interesting…….

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These videos are of the younger three Prairie kids saying their A Beka Scripture memory for September.  John and Brock still say verses too, but they are on a different system.  Instead of saying long passages once each month, they say shorter passages each week.  I haven’t been taking videos, of them, but maybe I should!



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Growing Up

Luke and Kara 2012

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