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This is the second installment of Brock’s Adventure Story, “Star Traveler.”  The first part can be found here.

Cosmic ran into the lab, only to find another disaster!  “Cosmic!  A large meteor is coming towards earth!” Mr. Tom exclaimed worriedly.

“What?!  That means that man is not going to give up easily, ” Cosmic replied.

“What man?”

“Never mind.  Look at this!”  Cosmic handed the space port to Mr. Tom, and he got very excited.

“This means that you, Cosmic, are a star traveler!  Quick, won’t you destroy the meteor?”

“Yeah, I was planning on that.  It’ll be a piece of cake!”

Later on, in space…

“Wow, this is a lot bigger than I thought.  I don’t think I can handle it!” Cosmic thought.  Suddenly, an idea came to him.

“If I use all of my attacks at once, I think it will break!”  So Cosmic flew forward at full speed, with stars, asteroids, and galaxy blades swirling around him.  “COSMIC FINISHER!”  Boom!  The meteor broke into tiny pieces, but inside, there were two star-technology time seal capsules and two strange stones.

“I’m going to take these back to the lab,” Cosmic said as he used the space port to warp back to earth.

Cosmic appeared in the lab with the items from inside of the boulder.  “Did you break the meteor?” Mr. Tom asked.

“Yeah, and look what was inside!”  Cosmic handed everything over to Mr. Tom.

Mr. Tom exclaimed, “Hey, these are time seal capsules, which mean they hold Star Travelers!  I am going to open them, even though the seals will be hard to break.”  But to Mr. Tom’s surprise, they opened with ease.  “Strange, the time seal hasn’t been on for a while.  I am going to do tests on these stones,” Mr. Tom Said.

“Ok,” Cosmic replied, “and I am going to see what the data on the space port  says for these two Star Travelers.”

“There is no rush, as it could take days for them to wake up.”

A little bit later….

Mr. Tom re-entered the room.  “Hey, the stones gave off different energy.  One gave off light space energy, and the other gave off the opposite.  They had writings on them that say there were two kinds of travelers:  Solar, which run off the light or solar stone, and Lunar, which run off the dark or lunar stone.  If the data on your Space Port is right, you are a Solar, Cosmic.”

“Cool! But these two Star Travelers have no data whatsoever!” Cosmic said.

“Really?! That can’t be possible, unless….”

“Unless what?” Cosmic questioned.

“Oh, never mind.  It couldn’t be anyway.  I think the girl in green is Solar, and the boy in red is Lunar.”

Surprised, Cosmic says, “Hey!  They are waking up!  I thought you said it would take days!”  Immediately the two Star Travelers jumped up and looked around.  Then the red one looked at the green one and then at Cosmic.

The red Star Traveler said, “Hey, you!  Get her for me!” and with that, he took off.  The girl looked surprised, and then angry.  She asked Cosmic, “Do you know him?”

“N-no, I don’t know who he is,” Cosmic replied.

“You can’t fool me!  You are lunar!  I am going to fight you!” the girl exclaimed.

“Great.  Just great,” thought Cosmic.

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Lately Brock, who is in 5th grade, has been having a lot of fun writing adventure stories.  His most recent creation is a series of episodes he calls “Star Traveler.”  I told him I would post it on my blog, so here is his first installment:

One day, a boy named Cosmic was in Mr. Tom’s science lab.  He spent most of his time there, and he knew all about the mysterious “Star Travelers” that Mr. Tom studied.  He also knew that an interesting science show came on tv in a little while.

“Here it comes!” Cosmic exclaimed.  But instead of a science broadcast, a strange message appeared saying, “Cosmic, send me all the data on the star travelers in the lab or else!”

“What!  How do you know my name?  Who are you?” Cosmic replied.

“Just do what I tell you!” the mysterious messenger replied.

“No!” was Cosmic’s answer.

“Then prepare for earth to be under attack!”

“Wait!” screamed Cosmic, but it was too late.  A bunch of robots came to the earth.  “What have I done!  I have to do something!”

Cosmic quickly ran to the town to find a way to stop the robots.  He couldn’t find a way, however, to beat them.  He watched as they tore down the buildings.  Cosmic felt helpless.  What could he do?

Suddenly, something fell on his head.  “OW!”  He looked at it, and saw that it was a small computer-like thing.  “Hey, this is the device that the Star Travelers use!  I wonder whose this is?  I’ll turn it on.”

What Cosmic saw was shocking.  The profile was of a younger him!!  “What!” Cosmic exclaimed, “This means I’m a Star Traveler!”

Cosmic was so engrossed with the machine that he forgot about the robots.  Forgot, that is, until a building came down.  “Hey, if I’m a Star Traveler, that means I can use space powers to defeat the robots!  TAKE THIS!!”

Cosmic brought his arm back, and a giant star appeared in it.  “STAR THROW!” he yelled.  He tossed the star, and it knocked several robots out.  “Yes!”

Then Cosmic transformed into a comet and dashed forward and plowed over several robots.  Cosmic also tossed meteors and had several strands of stars that looked like parts of galaxies spin around him.  Finally, the robots were gone.

“Now I can go back to the lab,” Cosmic concluded.

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