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Summer is definitely coming to the Prairie and that means that the food bank is really busy with special activity!  One of the largest food drives of the year is the Postal Workers drive, and this year was no exception.  It is really neat to see how generous people are when organizations do these collections–unbelievable really!

Our other major project for the summer is our Summer Food for Kids program.  This program provides ready-to-eat food for children whose families are facing food-insecurity.  It really is a fun project!  There is a lot of planning and preparation getting the food ordered and ready to pack into the bags, but the Prairie Family kids are always happy to jump right in and do whatever is needed.

Helping with our local food bank is such a blessing for us.  I can’t even really explain why, but it sure is a source of great joy!

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Tonight we did the third project called “Playing Together” in the New Experiences project of the Trail to the Future.  We focused on the importance of learning and following the rules when playing a new game as well as the need to show good sportsmanship and willingness to take turns.

We tried two new fun games.  The first was called Fiddle-Diddle-Pick-Nicks.  To play this game, a chair is placed in the middle of the room, and one person hides a small object while the other players hide their eyes.  When the signal is given that the object is hidden, the players come looking for it.  They have to keep their hands behind their backs and keep quiet while they look.  When a player finds the object, he races to the empty chair and says, “Fiddle-Diddle-Pick-Nicks!”  He then tells where it is, and if he is right, he gets to hide the object for the next round.  My kids really enjoyed this game.

We also played a Hanukkah game called A Drop in the Bucket.  For this game, a player tries to get gelt (or real coins) into a container by balancing them on a stick and sliding them into the container.  First only one coin is used, and then a coin is added for each new round until 5 coins are dropped at the same time.

The kids enjoyed making Christmas sticks with pretzels, almond bark, and sprinkles.  This was a sticky mess, but they sure had fun!

Cosette has been curious about sewing, so I found a very simple lacing craft to introduce stitching.  They laced Christmas bells, and then we decorated them with glitter to make a very pretty project!

This completed this project, so the kids got their 5th badge!

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Brock found this game, and encouraged me to play it. It is fun, but kind of hard! Brock is much better at it than I am! 🙂

Games at Miniclip.com - Sushi Go Round
Sushi Go Round

Serve all the customers in the Sushi Restaurant

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A Fun Game

Games at Miniclip.com - Kindergarten

Take care of all the babies in your kindergarten.

Play this free game now!!

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