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I recently came across a neat way to put some of my bookmarks on the internet.  I thought this would be a neat way to share some of our favorite sites, and it will help solve a problem:  my kids are interested in beginning to use the internet, but I don’t want them just surfing on their own yet.  So, I have put some educational sites and some game links on for them. 

This portaportal will be constantly changing as I add/delete sites.  It has sections for some of my favorite adoption links and a few of the blogs that I enjoy reading.  I am still working on getting it set up just the way I would like, and, like I said, it will change pretty often.  Also, if you have any sites that you would like me to check out that you think might fit my portaportal, please let me know. 

The link for my portaportal is http://guest.portaportal.com/colbylobrien .  I also have added a link to it in the blogroll in the sidebar of this site. 


The Portaportal
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