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I came across a series of cooking videos on You Tube that are of a 91-year-old grandmother preparing some of her favorite meals from the Depression Era. She is just wonderful–and her recipes sound great! Enjoy this video. It is nice to smile in such uncertain days.

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Yesterday our pastor gave a great sermon from Acts 3:1-10. This passage is the story about the lame man who was healed in the name of Jesus Christ by Peter and John. As he was giving this message, I couldn’t help but to be stirred as he described the straightening of this man’s legs who had been crippled since birth. He went on to explain that such strength came into this dear man that he began jumping and running as he praised God.

So, why did this stir up my thoughts? Haven’t I heard this story over and over since I was a child? Oh, yes, that is true. But I couldn’t help but think about what God has done for our dear Kara. She is so “normal” now that we just go about our days not giving much thought to what a miracle was done in her life. But I don’t want to forget. She, like this beggar, was born with a crippled foot. She could walk and play even with her clubbed foot, but she was wobbly and fell down so often. People stared when she walked by, and some would point so rudely.

But, all of that has changed! My mighty God healed her so completely, so beautifully. Oh, I know, some would say the surgeon healed her. I will admit that God guided the hands of the surgeon as she straightened that foot, but Who truly brought healing? Who healed the damaged tissues? Who strengthened those muscles and bones? No surgeon can ever do that. That is from The Great Physician, Jesus Christ!

I also thought about my own life. Like Kara’s foot, I had a broken, sinful, useless soul. My life was so dark, but Christ, by His death and resurrection brought life, hope, and healing to that soul, and I don’t ever want to “get used to” my new life in Him. He is worthy of all praise.

I am going to repost a slideshow that I made in September of 2007 showing the miraculous healing of Kara’s foot. I always want to bow in humble gratitude to my Lord Jesus for what He has done in her life–and in mine.

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Caravan Update

The girls are continuing to enjoy our weekly Caravan meetings.  They have completed several of the badges.  In fact, I think we only have 5 left for this level.

We have been doing a simple sewing unit. Cosette and Kara have each tried their hand at stitching cloth using a real needle and thread. They have discovered that getting those little stitches to be even is more of a challenge than it looks!  I found this cute Valentine project that I thought kind of fit this unit, and the girls were proud of the results.

Next week we are going to try to make a simple pin cushion.  This will be their first “real” project using their hand stitching with fabric. Hopefully they will turn out all right.

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In school, Kara is learning a song that has such great words.  Here is the text:


He’s So Great by Frank Garlock

He’s so great and I’m so small; Jesus holds me lest I fall.

He’s the ruler over all–He’s so great and I’m so small.


He’s so strong and I’m so weak.  Jesus came His own to seek;

All of nature hears Him speak.  He’s so strong and I’m so weak.


He’s the shepherd, I’m His sheep; Jesus guards me while I sleep.

All His flock He’ll watch and keep– He’s the shepherd, I’m the sheep.


He’s my Rock and I’m secure; Jesus lives, my hope is sure.

He forever shall endure–He’s my Rock and I’m secure.


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Luke and Kara have been quite the buddies lately. Where one is, the other is not far away.  Tonight I saw them at the table sharing the laptop as they were playing with their new Webkinz.  I am glad my camera was handy to capture what sweet friends they are!

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Well, I was right:  Cosette’s achievement of reaching her exercise goal last Saturday spurred some others who were close to reach theirs as well.  Kara and Luke both got enough points to get their first prizes. Kara got a Webkinz fish that she named Sparkles, and Luke got a whale that he named Bubble.  Good for you, kids!

Now it will be interesting to see if they will still be motivated to complete the goal again!

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Saturday Play Date




Yesterday my kids had a couple of friends over, and they sure had a good time!  These two kids have become pretty special to my kids. They send emails and play internet games together on the days that they can’t visit in person.  It made for a full house for awhile, but we sure enjoyed having them around.



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First One to 100 Points

In my entry dated January 14,2009, entitled “Exercise Points,” I wrote about our family’s exercise incentive program.  We set up a plan where people could earn 1 point for every 10 minutes of exercise.  The younger kids had a goal of 50 points, while the adults and older kids had a goal of 100 points.  These points can be traded in for prizes.

Well, Cosette was the first to make her goal.  Yes, she reached 100 points today.  So that is 1000 minutes (16.67 hours) of exercise since January 11, 2009!  She wanted to trade her points for a Webkinz Blossom Fish.  She is delighted with her new virtual pet!

So how are the rest of us doing?  Here are our current stats:

Dan:  35/100

Lois: 56/100

John: 47/100

Brock: 50/100

Luke: 41/50

Kara: 35/50

We are all making progress!  I think Cosette’s success today has spurred everyone back into action!  

(I am trying to decide which Webkinz I will get with my first 100 points.  I can’t decide between a mouse or a cotton candy bunny.  I love those things as much as the kids do!)

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