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This morning the kids and I were watching some of our old verse videos. It was really neat seeing how much the kids have grown and changed! Sometimes when we’re right in the middle of the daily grind, it’s easy to miss just how precious and cute the kids are. This video is of Kara saying some verses when she was in 4-year-old kindergarten. What a cutie she was–and still is!! 🙂

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For several years I have posted videos of the kids saying their memory verses for A Beka Academy.  This has given them incentive to learn them well, and they enjoy doing it.  I have not, however, revealed what really happens when we make these videos—-until today! 🙂  Today I was making a verse video with Brock, and here is how it really went down:

Take One:

Take Two:

Take 3 (The best one yet…)

Take 4 (He finally gets it!)

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A Humorous Observation

Like I said in my previous post, John and I have been sorting through pictures for his family heritage project.  In the process, I noticed something that I had not ever recognized before, and I want to see if anyone agrees with me!  When I saw a picture of my Grandad Jain as a younger man, I realized that he reminded me a little of my husband Dan!  When I pulled up a recent picture of Dan, I again was struck by the similarity.   What do you think????


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My Grandparents

This week I have been helping John with a school project that includes a scrapbook of state, local, and family history.  I had asked my Mom for some pictures that we could use for this assignment, and, boy, have these pictures brought back wonderful memories!

I was blessed to live in the same town with both sets of my grandparents.  It’s a rare thing indeed to have that heritage, and I am thankful for it.  I was especially close to my mother’s parents, pictured in this photo from 1977.  They were hard-working, devoted people who knew what it meant to sacrifice. They passed on their faith to their children and grandchildren, and now that legacy is continuing in their great-grandchildren. Their godly lives influenced the whole community, and everyone that remembers them is quick to remind us of what wonderful people they were.

They are my models.  It is my prayer that their love, faith, and devotion will continue to be passed on through my life. That would be the greatest honor and reward that I could ever receive.

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The girls have finished making their hats using loom knitting.  They were making this as part of the American Heritage Girls Textile Arts merit badge.  This really is a good project for girls–very easy to have success!  There are many things that can be made using the looms, and both of the girls are already talking about making more things.

Grandma helped Cosette make a pom-pom for the top of her hat.  It doesn’t show up in this picture very well, but it really does look cute.  Kara made her hat for a toddler in our church, so it was too small for her to model herself.

The girls did learn one neat thing about loom knitting: it’s great for conversation starters!  The girls have been taking their knitting with them when we need to wait (like at the dentist office or at my orchestra rehearsals). People are always curious about what they are doing and want to see what they are making.  My mom has experienced the same thing when she has taken her knitting as a time-filler.  So, a side benefit of this project is new friends!  🙂

We’re getting pretty close to finishing up the Bible Basics, Sign Language, and Textile Arts merit badges.  We just have a few more requirements to complete, and then we’ll be ready to start new subjects.  Who knows where we’ll head next–the girls always surprise me with what they want to tackle!

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